MN Vikings Will Win the 2015-6 Season Opener Says My Son Jackson And Here’s Why

MN Vikes vs the 49rs....
MN Vikes vs the 49rs….

1. Number 28, Adrian Peterson coming back with a point to prove after missing last season

Some "Old Guy", per my 13 year old son, is impressed with the MN VIkings new QB Bridgewater...what could this old guy possibly know....
Some “Old Guy”, per my 13 year old son, is impressed with the MN Vikings new QB Bridgewater…what could this old guy possibly know….

2.Bridgewater QB: 80% completion rate in preseason – and Fran Tarkenton (“Whoever that is, some old sports announcer guy”, said Jackson who is 13) said he is a very composed QB given this is still only his second season in NFL – he’s calm in the pocket

3. long term team building for the future, not just looking for marquee savior for one season

4. he watched Brett Favre win against them live in 2009 at the Dome, when everyone had left cuz the Vikings were down…but a last minute pass to Greg Lewis, originally called out of bounds, then challenged, call on field overturned for Vikes ….27-24 Q4

Nuff said….and if you knew how much of a sports hound Jackson is (ESPN SPORTS CENTRAL EVERY MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL SINCE FIRST GRADE!!!!), you’d bet on the Vikes this time….

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