Guy dressed in black walks across the street this morning in the dark and gives me the finger after almost becoming a hood ornament

Can you see the pedestrian walking around before sunrise? NEITHER CAN I !!
Can you see the pedestrian walking around before sunrise? NEITHER CAN I !!

So I’m like celebrating the winter equinox cuz it means that the days now will get longer, but I am driving west at 6:28am to work and it is PITCH BLACK…

…not that it stopped some numb nuts guy from crossing the road during HIS morning hike around lake CALHOUN.

He had on a black knit hat, black jacket black pants and let’s see…umm…oh yeah…his boots were black also. And he had black gloves on.

I observed this later.

Like I said….numb nuts.

I drive around the lake as part of my pleasant morning drive to work.

Anyway, so this guy JAYWALKS across the street right where its the darkest – on his way back to his BLACK SEDAN and I almost hit him.

I slammed on the brakes of my 2010 Chevrolet Impala with Sirius XM radio….I listen to POTUS (Politics Of The United States) radio in the morning, channel 124.

He jumped out of my way and stood against his back on his very dark car –

and gives me the finger.


And I rolled down my power window and asked “WHAT?”

“YOU COULD’VE KILLED ME!” he said all mad-like.

“EXACTLY!” I say…”They already killed Bin Laden….so go home Sergeant BLACK OPS!”

“DUCK YOU!” He said.

Except it wasn’t the word ‘DUCK’ that he used.

“YOU’RE WELCOME!” I yelled back at him, thinking how lucky he was to be alive.

Of course, I was lucky, too.

If I would’ve hit him, I would have been late for work.

Some people.

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