My Son…The Tree

My Son....The Tree

So about 25 minutes (after the Big Bang, Hadean, Artrean and Proterozoic as well as the early Phanerozoic eras (ugh!)) into the “History Of The World” pageant held outside presented by the fifth graders at my sons school…he arrived on “stage” (stage defined as grassy knoll, alot like the one where the fourth shot that killed JFK came from, sans hill).

By my quick calculations thru my phone app, I figure he was on the stage for about 10 million years (20 minutes), I think….

He made it through what I call the Age of Aquarius (That was the soundtrack blasted for this part in the pageant – everyone loved it, including the older parents who remember the original song and mouthed the words).

Anyway, I am proud of him for being so stoic.



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