“My HD Color Nook Isnt Charged for me to play a game!” and other First World Problems Brought to my Attention by my Four Year Old son Dylan

Dylan vintage nook

Poor child…..he had to wait for his nook to charge back up before he could read an educational book play a Sega game on it.


It would be totally charged but he forgot to insert the charger plug into the nook before bedtime last night.


Rookie mistake for a four year old, I know….see…he was so upset  like a crack addict having to put the nook down last night and go to bed and have story time – using REAL BOOKS –  Dr Suess Cat In The Hat, etc. or maybe Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (sp?) or something like that (he died recently)….

Perhaps today will go better when he downloads more games from the play store books for first world children from the B&N website……


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