The first disappointment of getting a toy in the mail…

Not this Frenzy (Hitchcock movie from the seventies...although this was a good movie)
Not this Frenzy (Hitchcock movie from the seventies…although this was a good movie)
This Frenzy was a cheap toy.....his leg fell off and his arm did also......the bubble wrap it came in was more fun to play with
This Frenzy was a cheap toy…..his leg fell off and his arm did also……the bubble wrap it came in was more fun to play with



So of course, Dylan, age 4+, after watching a Transformers movie, wanted to get the Decepticon “Frenzy” and we looked it up and bought it online for him.

He was pumped, seeing the picture of the toy in action (it showed Frenzy jamming into Air Force One’s computers and thus jamming into the classified files of the Pentagon)…

He wanted to stay home from pre-school the day the toy was scheduled to arrive in the mail.

He was gonna use the ‘bad guy’ to get into my laptop and wreck it. A novel way, I suppose, having smeared chocolate all over the keyboards and stomped on it already.

So the toy comes in a little box, addressed to Dylan. We saw it sitting on the porch, hand delivered by the mailman. That only added to its mystique, cuz he knows normal mail gets put into the mailbox of our home.

He rips open the box in a frenzy (!!) of activity, and tears off the bubble wrap.  For a moment, he started having fun popping all the bubble wrap and forgot about the prize still in the box.

So I pulled it out of the box…the little Frenzy toy….and handed it to him. When he grabbed it, one of the Frenzy robotic arms fell off.

Then, as he attempted to make it turn into a boombox…which is what Frenzy does to hide from Earthlings…one of the robotic legs fell off.

He dropped it onto the porch and cried…then walked back into the house

I picked it up and brought it into the house. I threw it into one of the toy bins he has.

He was already back on his nook, playing the Basketball Stickman game he had bought (!?!) and downloaded from the Google Play store.

Note to self: Change the Google password so he can’t buy games anymore.

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