State Fair Carny Prize Ball “Won” After Many, Many Tries….

My son won this ball at a Carney barker by hitting a plate with a bean bag, after the 30th try
My son won this ball from a Carny barker by hitting a plate with a bean bag, after the 60th try

So my son was very proud that he was able to smash a plate with a beanbag at the state fair we attended this past weekend…

He won a basketball, although not quite an NBA official league ball… was kind of a knockoff, and manufactured by some place outside the country.

He usually is pretty good with these carnival things, even though they stack the odds against him using every carny trick in the book…

But this year it took his about 15 attempts, at about 4 tickets per attempt.

Each ticket is about eighty cents.

I gave him a high five anyway……

Besides, we only get ripped off once a year by these carnival midway people. At least this year the guy didn’t blow his cigarette smoke into my son’s face like the other guy did last year…..

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