Some Parents Should Chillax – Very Bad Sports Parenting

Mean grizzly bears should back away from angry sports parents
Mean grizzly bears should back away from angry sports parents

So I’m observing my older sons soccer practice, and everyone there is mellow, but over on another field is a baseball game of little kids.

Here’s what I learned (based on parental reactions):

1. Jonny didn’t get enough field time “you prick” – said one parent to the coach.

2. Joshua sucks as catcher.

3. Cindy, the one girl on the team, needed to keep running to third “for Chrissake!”

4. The twins, Caleb and Isaac, aren’t going to get pizza after the game because they “didn’t give it their all, and I’m very disappointed in you….is that what we talked about in the car? Huh? Quitters?”

5. Bad call by the ref. I could do better than that…. – said every parent.

6. That one kid is too old to be on the team…”He’s too big…since when did they let sixteen year old’s play on the twelve year old team….that’s bullshit!”

7. Gaylen ducked when the ball came flying at him, preventing a concussion, but “could’ve got that one, bud!”

8. People swear ALOT. Even the guy with the ponytail and the tie dyed “Peace” tee shirt.

9. Tim’s dad missed a good play by his son because he was looking at something on his cellphone.

Some parents, man…..

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