Reille Hunter is a Narcissist and Jon Edwards is an Idiot and other lessons I taught my kids this week

I'm just an average fame whore looking for no attention-wait, is that my crotch?
I’m just an average fame whore looking for no attention which is why I just did a provocative magazine spread


So Reille Hunter is quoted as saying she wants her privacy back.

Which is why she wrote the Memoir entitled:

“What Really Happened: Jon Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me”

Sources who were inside the Hunter camp when she typed out the original manuscript on her iPhone have said the original title was:

“Confessions Of A Fame Whore: Mean Elizabeth Could’ve Lived And I’d Still Have My Hottie Jon-Jon Cuz She Made Him Feel Bad About Himself And I Played Into His Vanity – Did I Mention He Is A Hottie?”

but the publisher decided that would be too provocative. And too long for the attention span of the average American reader.

What was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah…..this….

So, anyway, she was being interviewed AGAINST HER WILL – OF COURSE on some show like Dateline or TMZ or something, and my 2 boys, ages 9 and 2, were in the livingroom with me while I was watching it.

I was laughing and my 9 year old, Jackson, asked why.

Me: Because she’s an idiot.

Jackson: Why?

Me: I don’t know why. She was born that way maybe. But I think you mean why do I think she is an idiot, in that , you mean to ask what is it that she is doing that makes her an idiot, correct?

Jackson: Yeah. Something like that.

(bloggers note: My other son, 2 year old Dylan, is kicking a soccer ball all over the livingroom, knocking over a lamp and then pulling all the clean yet unfolded clothes out of the laundry basket that I haven’t put away and throwing them all over the house. He is rowdy, and I am too tired as a midwest older parent guy to do anything about it.)

Me: She says she doesn’t want any attention on her, but then writes a book and tells everyone about herself.

Jackson laughs.

Me: It’s like ‘Hi….I don’t want you to pay attention to me, so I am gonna go on tv and tell you not to pay attention to me….I am gonna tell everyone not to pay attention to me…are you paying attention to me and what I am saying?’

Jackson laughs. Good audience, I note.

Me: So don’t be like that.

Jackson: Ok. What did she do?

Me: She had a baby.

Jackson: That’s it?

Me: Yep.

Help me if you can I'm feelin', hown...
Help me if you can I’m feelin’ dow…how, hown…

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