5 year old on bannister captured before fall

As REM would say on one of their songs...I Am Superman....and I can do anything....
As REM would say on one of their songs…I am, I am, I am Superman….and I can do anything….

So my littlest boy, born when I was older, is more rowdy than his older brother.

I thought we’d get lucky, given our age, and get two little mellow children.

Not to be…..

My wife drinks a lot of coffee…strong Middle Africa kind of thick oil stuff. A pot of it a day, at least. The kind where when you pour the cream into a cup of it, it disappears in the blackness.

She thinks that may have made him rowdy, in that he drank what she drank, according to some books on the subject….

So this little one climbs and falls, climbs and falls…..

leading me to verify the deductible on our insurance,

pinning the nearest location of a hospital emergency room(2.4 miles, btw) in Google Maps app to my homescreen on my phone, and

losing my voice with the classic phrase “Be careful!”

So I got this shot, captured while he was smiling……right before he went KABOOM!

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