Well I have lower back pain and I found out why!!!

....on my back, knees first (ouch)
….he gets ready to jump on my back, knees first (ouch)….while I lie on the floor watching “Frozen” (again).

So observe the little boy in the photo, and note his posture…..Now…imagine that jumping on your back REPEATEDLY over a period of 4 and a half years while you are watching “family” movies (ie cartoons)…his knees jab right into my lower back.

See, he means no harm, so I merely absorb the pain, and ask him to stop doing it or he’ll have a timeout. His fear of that lasts only for the evening, as he is back in business jumping all over the place by the very next evening.

Anyway, now that I am no longer addicted to opiates, I am forced to deal with this back pain in my lower back, right hip and right leg…I cant even stand or walk longer than fifteen minutes….

So I guess I have a protruding disc, at L5-L6, and its smashed up against my sciatic nerve. Cortisone didnt help, so I’ll be getting a surgery for it.

If I end up crippled, I am blaming him. And he’ll have to sit around and watch MY movies!


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