I am actually an older parent and here are the signs

Do my kids need anything?
Me, on a good day, I feel like this…

So some people say you are only as old as you feel. If that’s true, I am very old.

Others say you are only as old as you want to be. They say age is a matter of perception.

I perceive cancer surgery scars, gallbladder surgery scars, and tail bone spine surgery scars as some of my battle scars of aging.

Anyway so there are a few signs you may be an older parent of young kids, based on my experience, here are the top six (I’m too tired to think of ten):

1. You have a whole bunch of prescription bottles in your medicine cabinet for various issues, physical and psychological….check

2. Servers in restaurants address your children starting with “Its so nice your gramma and grampa are taking you out today so they can spoil you….you want ice cream for dessert?”

3. It hurts to get out of bed. Physically, bones crack, tendons stretch, and dread encompasses all your thoughts about this new 16 hour day ahead, beginning with “I dont wanna brush my teeth!” and ending with “I dont wanna take a bath” or “I dont wanna go to bed!” and filled with “can I….can I…Why can’t I…..How come you never…..”

4. You hate them sometimes when they are brats, feeding off your exhaustion. You want to just tell them to fend for themselves. You want to eat the last bit of chocolate ice cream in front of them and tell them “Too bad…I am hungry. Eat your vegetables.”

5. Friends ask you why you waited so long to have kids.

6. You ask yourself why you waited so long to have kids.

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